Optimal Brain Coaching

Since research shows that up to ninety percent of illnesses can be connected to our mental and emotional health, Dr. Theresa uses MAP Method™ to find the root cause of your dis-ease. Neuroscience has discovered that we can rewire the brain to neutralize negative memories and thought patterns. How many times have you felt neck or shoulder pain or an upset stomach following an argument? It’s not a secret anymore. It’s science.

Your thoughts and emotions cause a physiological reaction in your body, and the fastest way to change the body’s reaction is to rewire your brain. What does this look like? We work to clear subconscious blocks and neutralize negative unconscious memories. You don’t need to remember or know or understand why you have a block. Using the revolutionary neuroscience discovery called the Window of Reconsolidation, we can override negative memories within seconds. MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) coaching is a painless way to rewire your brain by taking advantage of the Window of Reconsolidation. 

How does the MAP Method™ work? Our bodies are electrical, and each cell operates at a certain electrical voltage. Even feelings and emotions have measurable, vibrational, electrical charges. The more negative the feeling or emotion is, the lower its vibration. We need a certain amount of energy to run our bodies, and if we are operating with a predominance of negative or lower-vibrating emotions, our bodies are starved for energy. To boost health and vitality, every cell in your body needs higher vibrations. That’s why it’s important to think positive thoughts and feel positive emotions. They vibrate at a higher hertz, and you then vibrate at a higher vibrational level. This is better for every cell in your body and better for the world around you. This is also how you manifest what you desire. Vibration!

Coaching is done via Zoom, so it is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. Once you’ve booked your appointment, you’ll complete and email forms for Optimal Brain Coaching before your scheduled date and time. It’s that simple.

If you’re ready to release what has been holding you back or preventing the vitality you wish you had, you’ve found your answer! Letting go of sabotaging thought patterns and embracing life with joy is the goal of the MAP Method™.

Forms for Optimal Brain Coaching must be sent in prior to appointment.

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  2. Pre-Coaching Questionnaire