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Dr. Theresa's Approach

Body, mind and spirit are the complete picture of your health. The body reveals what is going on in the mind and the spirit. By tapping into the total picture, the fatal flaws that are occurring in relationship to your health, give me a roadmap to solutions.

Dr. Theresa L. Smith, Chiropractor and owner of Hands 2 Health Wellness Center offers a wide array of therapeutic techniques that are available to assist you in your quest for optimal health. Here is my story and the reasons why Hands 2 Health may be the solution you are looking for.

Dr. T's Story

My Story My interest in the healing arts began when I was in my 20’s. I took courses in reflexology and massage, both of which I occasionally still use in my practice, but at that point in my life, they were a side interest. I had a career in business, plans to settle down and I knew where I was going.

As I got older, the consequences of my many back injuries (from horseback riding, dirt bike riding, automobile accidents and a falling filing cabinet) caught up with me. I began to see a chiropractor on a regular basis to deal with my unrelenting pain. We talked about a lot of things while I got my treatments including my growing respect for chiropractic. What a blessing to be able to heal people in such a hands-on way! “If I were to do it all over again”, I confessed, “I would choose chiropractic as my career”. But I was a new mother, I had an investment in my current career and, well, I really couldn’t.... “Why not?” my chiropractor asked.

Why not indeed? The seed was planted. After much thought, I made the decision to integrate study into my life of work and motherhood, and ten years later graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Two years after that, I opened my office in Sierra Madre. I had made the only decision that made sense to me: to pursue what was obviously emerging as my passion in life. I have never looked back.

Nor has studying ever stopped. Today, I offer a multidisciplinary approach to health care that represents a unique blend of cutting edge practices, and interventions that, in my own experience, have proved to be effective. I try to focus on the true roots of each patient’s health problems – what is unique to their situation – and choose the right treatment or approach that will make a lasting difference. I’m always looking for better tools to help people heal and will continue to expand my knowledge to make sure I can deliver on that commitment.

In the pages that follow are descriptions of the services that are available through Hands 2 Health as well as a few words about how each is integrated into my practice. Included are: