Providing mind-body services for over two decades

My interest in the healing arts began when I was in my 20s, and I took courses in reflexology and massage. However, I had a career in business and family plans to settle down. I thought I knew where I was going. Life changed, and I was inspired to take my interest in the healing arts further to become a chiropractor. It took me ten years to realize my dream to help others through chiropractic care and other healing modalities as I worked full-time and parented my child as a single mother. I opened my first office in Sierra Madre and then moved to Monrovia 15 years later.

Studying how to help people feel better has never stopped. Today, I offer a multidisciplinary approach to health care that represents a unique blend of cutting-edge practices and interventions that, in my own experience, has proven to be effective. I focus on the true roots of each patient’s health problems – what is unique to their situation – and choose the right treatment or approach that will make a lasting difference.

And now, since scientific research shows a clear link between what you think and how you feel, I am so happy to offer you tools to rewire your thought patterns and improve your health and life alongside traditional chiropractic bodywork and nutritional support. To your health and well-being!

Welcome from the Optimal Brain Coach, Dr. Theresa